Sonic Lego bricks officially announced that they will go on sale on January 1 next yea

After leaking in advance last week, in the early morning of December 29, Lego and SEGA officially released the Sonic Lego set. The building blocks will be officially launched on January 1, 2022.

This Ideas suit is based on the work of 24-year-old fan designer Viv Grannell and passed the official review in February 2021. The model was inspired by the first level of Sonic the Hedgehog-Green Hill. The final official suit retains most of Grannell’s design.

Unlike the previous Mario Lego bricks of Nintendo, the Sonic Lego brick set does not have interactive functions. Players can use the 1125 parts in the brick set to build the most classic first-level “Green Hill” of the first generation of “Sonic”. , Can also build characters and images in games such as Dr. Egghead and Sonic.

The suit has a modular structure design, restoring the classic two-dimensional game scene, the auxiliary mechanism spring can help Sonic make super jumps, and there is a TV screen that can achieve Overspeed and shift gears. According to the official introduction, the model can also be “connected to other building suits”. This gameplay has to be waited and seen.

“In the past 30 years, anyone who loves video games knows and loves Sonic, and may have driven the unforgettable green hills with him,” said Lego Creative Design Manager Sam Johnson. ” We designed this suit to be as colorful and fun as the green hills in the game, and then used a lot of easter eggs and even rewards to help fans enjoy some of their favorite game elements in a new way.”

The Lego Sonic building block kit is scheduled to go on sale on January 1st, at a price of $69.99.