StartAllBack–Windows11 start menu enhancement tool! One key switch Win 7/10/11 start menu style

Are you used to upgrading your computer to Windows 11? Want to go back to the old start menu style?

StartAllBack is a small tool that can restore the start menu of Windows 11 back to the start menu style of Windows 7, 10.

The StartAllBack application can be restored to the Windows 10 taskbar experience while retaining the functionality and appearance of Windows 11. It has restored the user interface and right-click menu of the File Explorer, improved with Mica and Acrylic effects, and the classic start menu derived from Windows 7.

Restore old start menu

StartAllBack is simple and easy to use. Simply click on the software configuration interface to switch styles, and you can switch between rounded corners and sharp corners at will.

You can also open the enhanced start menu, and individually set the menu buttons, the number of icons, and the specific display items according to your preferences.

Enhanced taskbar function

When we open multiple task windows in Win 11, the same windows will be merged automatically. It is neither intuitive nor convenient to find the target window from it. Here you can also set the taskbar buttons not to be merged to clearly show the currently running task window.

At the same time, the taskbar also supports freely dragging to change the position, modifying the size and margins of the taskbar icon, and dragging and dropping the centered icon at will.

It should be noted that StartAllBack only supports Windows 11. If Win 10 users want to return to the Win 7 style, they can also choose another brother software StartIsBack.

Adjust the style of Explorer

Want to restore the Windows 7/10 Explorer-style? StartAllBack can do it for you too! Simply click to switch your favorite style, and adapt to different top command bars.

In addition, the classic right-click menu style can be restored, which solves the problem that the Win 11 right-click menu is stuck and the secondary menu needs to be clicked. Truly let you return to the familiar operation!

Personalized appearance

Friends who like to customize the color style of the interface, StartAllBack prepares a professional color palette for you and provides adjustments for transparency and blur effects. The taskbar can also be set with a dynamic translucent effect, which is just right to beautify.


As a system beautification tool, it takes up less resources, runs smoothly and is easy to use, and brings people a simple and convenient user experience. Those who are not used to Windows 11 system can give it a try.