Subway Surfers–the world’s most downloaded casual parkour game

“Subway Surfers” is a puzzle casual mobile game developed by Kiloo Games, a private company based in Denmark, that can run on iOS, Android, Kindle, and Windows Phone platforms. The game was released on May 24, 2012.

In 2017, Subway Surfers became the most downloaded game in the world. In March 2018, Subway Surfers became the first game on the Google Store to exceed 1 billion downloads. In May 2018, Subway Surfers’ downloads exceeded the 2 billion mark. In December 2019, SYBO Games announced that Subway Surfers broke the 2.7 billion downloads mark based on AppAnnie statistics. Subway Surfers is the most downloaded mobile game in the decade from 2012 to 2019.

“Subway surfers” has gorgeous and exquisite graphics, a variety of colors, and the operation feels smooth and clean. By simply swiping up, down, left, and right to avoid obstacles and oncoming trains, you can also change direction in the air, and you can also double-tap the screen to call up the skateboard, which is equivalent to a limited time Increase one life. The game also contains a variety of props such as spring shoes, which makes the game more interesting. This is definitely a game that can be loved by all ages.

game introduction

Do your best to sprint!

Help Jake, Tricky and Fresh avoid the grumpy police and his dog.

-Build a train with teammates fighting together!

-Decorate the train and draw vivid and interesting HD images!

-Hoverboard surfing!

-Decorate the launched jetpack!

-Lightning-fast slam stunts!

-Challenge and help your teammates!


1. Players need to take adventurous parkour, avoid all kinds of trains and obstacles oncoming;

2. Tap and slide on the screen to complete various operations. Players can tap and slide the character to the left to move the character to the left;

3. Tap the character and slide it to the right to move the character to the right;

4. Tap the character to slide forward to control the jumping operation of the character;

5. Tap the character to slide back to control the character’s sliding operation;

There is no doubt that this is a great game. You need to keep collecting gold coins in the game to unlock new characters, and then use gold coins to enhance your personal strength. It is full of fun and challenges. All kinds of skateboards in the game are waiting for you to collect. You must also avoid vicious dogs to avoid being caught.

I like this game. It probably has exciting new challenges every month. They are constantly updated. Although there may be some glitches at times, it is still a good game. From now on, you can run as much as you like.


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