The best Windows 11 themes you may have overlooked

Themes play an important role in customizing the overall look and feel of the Windows operating system. Sure, windows 11 themes work out of the box and look good, but what if a little personality is added to it?

Here are some of our favorite Windows 11 themes that can make your PC stand out.

1. macOS Monterey SkinPack


Although Windows 11 already has a clean, Mac-like look, you can further enhance it by installing a Mac theme. the macOS Monetary SkinPack is very good at this because it changes the look of the whole system.

It is fairly simple to set up, but it is recommended to uninstall any previously installed skins on your system before installing. This skin is available in Lite and Full. The Lite version, as the name suggests, offers limited features, but if you want to get a full Mac-like look, you will have to pay a small fee of $4.99.

2. Rock Formations Panoramic


Do you want to get panoramic images featuring stunning rock formations that will allow you to fully appreciate the mother of nature? Delight your inner geologist with these beautiful images designed specifically to suit the resolution of your display.

This theme was originally designed for Windows 8. It is equipped with 13 beautiful wallpapers that show the formation of limestone, sandstone and other types of rock.

3. Windows Nostalgia Bliss


The Windows XP Bliss wallpaper has some calming stuff, and now you can install an updated version of it on Windows 11. Once the theme is installed, you can further customize the features according to your requirements.

For those who started in the Windows XP era, this could be a perfect way to relive the past.

4. Holiday Lights


If you don’t shout Merry Christmas from your desktop wallpaper to your socks, is this really a holiday?

This holiday theme has 10 wallpapers, each of which celebrates the tradition. What we really like about this theme is that these wallpapers cover everything from Christmas lights to decorated fireplaces and snowy nights.

You may want to install it on your computer in case of the holidays!

5. Ubuntu Light SkinPack


In recent years, Ubuntu has gained prominence for its more secure and powerful system, and installing an Ubuntu theme is a great way to experience the operating system without having to completely convert.

As the name suggests, Ubuntu Light SkinPack completely changes the visuals of your Windows operating system, offering new animations, icons, and wallpapers. It also changed the position of the taskbar, moving it to the side of the screen.

However, since the theme adds all the new stuff, make sure your computer’s drivers are updated before you start installing the theme.

This theme also has a paid and free version, just like the macOS Monterey skin.

6. Angry Birds


Whether you’re a fan of Angry Birds or not, we can agree that the visual design of the game looks great. The Angry Birds theme will bring some bright, fun colors to your desktop to make it look and feel more vibrant.

Fun: when you first install it, the theme welcomes you with the chirping of angry birds!

7. Dark Fantasy Landscape


If you like dark themes with thrilling and horror elements (think dark forests with creepy creatures lurking in the background), you might like the dark fantasy landscape theme with 16 HD wallpapers.

8. Classic Sports Cars


Sports cars are never outdated. We say this because the classic sports car theme has always been a popular choice for Windows 7 users, and years later, Windows 11 users love it too!

Featuring beautiful backdrops featuring beauties such as the 1990s McLaren F1 sports car and the 1960 Chevette Corvettes, these car wallpapers are sure to be popular with fans and history buffles alike.

9. Assassination Classroom


Anime has it all, from vibrancy to endless possibilities. On top of that, when it comes to revelry, age groups don’t matter.

If you like creative animation styles and appreciate a little energy/brightness in the theme, then you might like the Assassination Classroom theme. With this theme, you can choose from 17 HD wallpapers. It is also available for Windows 8, 8.1, and 10. And, thanks to all the awesome animations, it’s sure to be an eye-catcher on your computer.

10. Natural Landscapes


If you’re an explorer at heart, but you spend most of your time sitting in front of a computer and working, we have some good news. You can virtually visit a large number of places through the theme of natural landscapes.

This theme has 19 different wallpapers that show great views from all over the world. You’ll see everything from deserts to lakes and mountains, so it’s quite diverse.

11. Botanical Garden theme


This theme was developed in collaboration with Microsoft and offers seven visually appealing wallpapers. If you don’t like things that are too bright and fancy, this could be your choice.

While the theme contains only the background, it’s a cute choice for people who don’t want flashy images and animations. In fact, cute photography will help make your desktop a more tranquil place.

12. Color Splash Theme


There’s no better way to add more life and color to your operating system than choosing a celebratory painting theme! In this theme, you will see 13 vibrant wallpapers that will bring you joy and positive emotions.

In the Color Splash theme, you’ll find 13 vibrant wallpapers that will cheer you up and promote a positive atmosphere. To say the least, your desktop will look like a painter’s canvas.

13. Classic Manga Action


This is another option for anime fans here.

The name says it all – all the wallpapers have a lot of action and energy, and you get a total of eight pictures in this theme. You can also further personalize the theme by changing the color scheme.

14. Earth From Above Premium


With NASA recently releasing images from the James-Webb telescope, we bet everyone is more fascinated and curious about what’s happening in space right now.

This theme gives you a glimpse into what the Earth looks like far, far away. It includes 14 pictures showing different parts of the earth, including oceans, continents, and even the weather.

15. Chickens Can’t Fly


The last option on our list is also a sound theme, like Angry Birds.

As the title of the subject suggests, it’s about chickens learning to fly, in a rather unconventional way. These chickens are as crazy as birds, and the six pictures in the theme will ensure that your desktop never looks boring.

Personalize your Windows 11 with cool themes

Windows 11 offers a decent selection of built-in themes, but not everyone wants to stick with them. Switching to a different theme and customizing it to your liking is the best way to add a little personalization to your operating system.