The iPhone 14 brings 4 new changes, and the questions that everyone cares about most have answers!

Although the configuration of the iPhone 13 Pro is very attractive, the iPhone 13 is the real workhorse. The latest market report also shows that as many as 51% of users have chosen the iPhone 13.

In the iPhone 13 series, the mini screen is too small, the pro price is too expensive, and only the iPhone 13 standard version looks normal. But the iPhone 13’s boost is also extremely limited, its storage is only 4GB, the performance is less than 15%, and the refresh rate is only 60HZ.

Buy an iPhone 13, or wait for an iPhone 14? There is no doubt that this is the most important concern for everyone. In recent times, there has been more and more exposed news about the iPhone 14, and the answer will soon emerge. At present, the iPhone 14 is further exposed, bringing 4 changes, let’s take a look.

1.  the price of the iPhone 14 series has risen. According to The Leafs ApplePro, the iPhone 14 line is $100 more expensive than the iPhone 13 due to rising costs. Previously, the iPhone 13 mini started at $699 and the iPhone 13 started at $799. If nothing else, the iPhone 14 should start at around $1,000. This begs the question: Why does Apple dare to raise prices?

2.  the iPhone 14 will support 120HZ across the entire system. According to a recent report by Counterpoint Research, because the iPhone 13 Pro sold more than expected, the next generation of iPhones will fully come standard with a 120HZ screen.

3. the iPhone 14 series comes standard with 6GB of storage. The iPhone 14 Standard Edition and iPhone 14 Pro both come standard with 6GB of storage, and there is no difference between them in terms of storage. On the one hand, because 4GB of storage is no longer enough, the popularization of 6GB of storage is the last resort. On the other hand, because the semiconductor process has already faced bottlenecks, it is difficult for A-series processors to have a large improvement. However, the flash memory of the iPhone 14 Pro will be upgraded to start at 256GB.

4.  the entire iPhone 14 series will switch to Type-C. For Apple, lightning is seriously obsolete, because its maximum current only supports 3A, if you want to charge fast, you have to add voltage, and the higher the voltage, the higher the temperature of the phone – which is why the iPhone 13 still only has a 20W slow charge. Second, the Lightning interface transmission rate is only 60MB/s, while the Type-C interface can reach 800MB/s, and the old interface can no longer meet the new features that Apple wants to pursue – such as shooting Prores video.

There are rumors that the iPhone 14 will mix A15 and A16. Assuming that the iPhone 14 standard version really uses a 120HZ screen, then the chip will most likely be upgraded to the A15 full version.

If the rumors are true, then price increases are acceptable. From all indications, the iPhone 13 is indeed a very embarrassing generation of products, which can be said to be a transitional product.

Then choose iPhone 13 or wait for iPhone 14, you need to make your own choice.