These 11 tips will make you better use of Netflix

In the latest article, some media outlets have introduced 12 Netflix hidden tricks that you may not be familiar with or don’t know so your monthly subscription cost is more worthwhile. Some are features officially available from Netflix, and some are third-party extensions.

1. Delete “Are You Still Watching?”

Falling in love is not a healthy habit, but sometimes we may go crazy chasing a certain drama and fall asleep in front of the TV/computer. If we watch for a long time, Netflix will send a reminder to confirm whether we are still watching, recommending that we come out to rest, get up and stretch our waist, or go outside to bask in the sun.

But if you don’t need this reminder to disturb your viewing experience, you can turn it off. Although Netflix officially does not provide such an option, never Ending Netflix is a browser extension that can skip reminders. It also offers additional features to simplify the viewing experience, including skipping the title sequence and skipping the “next set” countdown.

2. Cloud party

If you want to watch a show with your friends, but the epidemic and other reasons can’t do it, then try Teleparty. It’s also a browser extension that allows you to host virtual movie nights.

The extension is free and relatively simple to set up. All you have to do is install Teleparty, pin it to your toolbar, open the video you want to watch, and start your party. Once you hit Play, everyone in the party can watch the same content at the same time, and even have a chat window in the sidebar that makes you feel closer to actually watching a movie with your friends.

As of the beginning of the year, Teleparty has added support for other streaming services, including Hulu, Disney+, and HBO, and they also plan to add more services in the future.

3. Customize subtitles

Surveys show that more and more people like to turn on subtitles, regardless of hearing impairment. Streaming also gives viewers access to content in other parts of the world that they might not have previously been able to access. Netflix has a growing library of foreign language content, from standalone foreign movies to comics.


Netflix’s subtitle preference menu offers many customization options. You can choose from seven different fonts, three text sizes, and eight colors. There are also five shadow options, as well as the ability to add backgrounds or windows to make text clearer on the screen.

You can preview any combination of these options in the preferences menu. Unlike some of the other features on this list, these preferences are not limited to computer browsing. They will appear on any supported device.

4. Audio description

From the silent films of early cinema all the way to modern times, television and film remain largely a visual experience. But for visually impaired people, the video may not be friendly.

Whether you’re visually impaired or you just want to enjoy your favorite shows and movies without being tied to a screen, Netflix provides audio descriptions of its massive and ever-increasing content.

You can access this feature through your browser, mobile app, or TV. Once you’ve started a show, simply navigate to the Audio and Subtitles menu – it looks like a voice bubble – and select The Audio Description.

Now, the narrator will add short action and setup descriptions between the lines of dialogue to depict what’s happening on the screen, transforming traditional visual media into auditory media. If you’re a fan of audiobooks or radio dramas, this might be for you.

Naturally, this audio description is not perfect, but it meets the needs of some users.

5. Delete your viewing history

We live in a world of diminishing privacy. Sometimes it feels like our every move is recorded in our digital permanent record. The GPS in your phone will track where you go every day, all your internet searches and online traffic will be cataloged and coded, and the embarrassing things you posted on Twitter, Facebook, or Myspace as a teenager will always exist on the internet.

The same goes for your Netflix viewing history. Streaming platforms use this information to provide new content that may be of interest to you, but that doesn’t mean your roommate, partner, or parent needs to know about it.

You may want to remove a title from your viewing history for a number of reasons. Maybe you don’t want your roommate to know that you’ve been watching the same guilty work repeatedly for two weeks. Maybe you don’t want your partner to know that you watched the latest episode of your favorite show without them. Either way, Netflix has you covered.

By visiting the Watch Event page, no one needs to know what you’ve been watching. Just go into your history, click on the icon, hide the offending content from your viewing history, and it will be deleted from your records within 24 hours.

However, it is important to note that doing so will also remove it from the recommendation algorithm. As a result, Netflix won’t offer you similar content unless you watch the show again.

6. Password protect your personal data

It’s not uncommon to share a Netflix account with friends and family. Sharing an account can be convenient, but it can also be annoying, especially if someone else’s viewing habits interfere with your streaming experience.

Everyone knows that the password to access your account is protected, but you can also lock your profile with a pin so that other users who share your account can’t access it.

Open Netflix in your browser, hover over the arrow in the upper-right corner and click Account. Scroll down to the Profile and Parental Controls section and select your profile. There you will find an archive lock option.

7. Add a rating to a trusted source

In the age of the internet, you don’t have to make these decisions alone, and almost anything can be done through crowdsourcing, and finding content recommendations is no exception. There are some well-known review aggregation sites, such as Metacritic and IMDB, that offer rating scores from professional critics and viewers. However, getting this data means looking for movies or TV shows one at a time. Fortunately, there is a simpler solution.


The Trim browser extension lets you incorporate scoring information from IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and Metacritic without having to pull out your phone or open a separate tab. Ratings appear directly on Netflix’s home screen and are self-explanatory. It also allows you to fade out choices based on the minimum rating score and release date, making it easier to find your next crush.

8. Download the video to watch offline

Streaming lets us get rid of our clunky physical media collection and get endless movies from our phones, computers, or TVs. The only problem is that it requires a secure internet connection to work.

Netflix allows you to download selected movies and episodes to your phone or computer for offline viewing. Not every movie can be downloaded, and once downloaded, there are some limits to how long you can keep a movie, but a well-planned storage should allow you to get through without an internet connection.

The process is simple, just open the app on your phone and navigate to the title you want. If it can be downloaded, you’ll see a button just below the playback options. Once it appears on your device, you can watch it as much as you want, or until it expires. Never worry about network connectivity again.

9. Request Netflix to add

If you find that there’s something you’d love to see very much, but not in its over 15,000 shows, don’t despair. You can help Netflix decide to add to the platform by applying for it.


Decisions about which films they acquire are complex and often involve a number of factors, including existing rights agreements. They also take into account regional tastes, and that’s what you can influence by sending them your wish list.

Netflix provides a simple form. While submitting doesn’t mean your favorite shows will appear immediately, it will make Netflix consider joining if more users join.

10. Let Netflix Roulette choose for you

Netflix Roulette is an interesting tool from Reelgood that allows you to choose the genre, IMDB rating, and a few other options, then tap the randomizer to decide what you should watch.

11. Become a Beta user to experience the latest features

Netflix has been working hard to improve their user interface, but, like any company feels about a new version of its product, they benefit from feedback before it’s fully rolled out. Sign up as a tester and you’ll be their guinea pig before the new features are made available to a wider customer base.

Log in to your Netflix account in a browser, hover over the arrow next to your personal photo in the upper-right corner, and select Account. Under Settings, you’ll see an option to test participation. Toggle the switch to the On setting and you’re ready to start testing.

You may not see any changes immediately, but when Netflix is ready to test a new feature, you’ll be among the first users to experience all that the future of streaming entertainment has to offer.