These are the things you want to know about WordPress 5.9.2.

WordPress 5.9.2 official release, version 5.9.2 patches security vulnerabilities, fixes 1 issue. The site-wide editing feature is officially online The site-wide editing feature enables you to control the appearance of the entire site in the WordPress admin dashboard.

The new Twenty Twenty-Two theme

This is the first-ever default block theme for WordPress. It’s not just a new default theme, it’s a whole new way to use WordPress themes.

The block theme gives you a lot of visualization options, from color schemes to font combinations to page templates and image filters, all of which can be changed through the site editor. With only one place to make changes, you can give the Twenty Twenty-Two theme the same look and feel like your own brand or other sites, or take the look of your site in a different direction.

The Twenty Twenty-Two theme is already available, and this theme will be installed with WordPress 5.9, which can be found on the installed themes page.

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Build sites with unlimited creativity

With the release of Twenty Twenty-Two theme, more block themes with site-wide editing support will be added to the theme directory and are waiting for users to explore them in-depth. Stay tuned for more block themes to be released in the future.

With any of the block themes, you no longer need the appearance customizer; instead, you get all the functionality in the site editor, in the styles screen. With these blocks, just like in Twenty-Two, you can build the right look and feel for your site on demand and use the tools you need to get the job done in a smooth, easy-to-use interface.

Navigation block

The core of this user experience introduces blocks to the site navigation bar.

The new navigation blocks offer a variety of options to choose from, such as responsive menus that always expand or menus that adapt to the user’s screen size. Whichever menu is created, it can be reused in the desired location, even after using a brand new template or switching themes.

More improvements and updates

Do you enjoy writing blog posts or creating content? The newly adapted publishing process can help you say more, faster.

More detailed block control

WordPress 5.9 features new typography tools, flexible layout controls, and fine control over spacing, borders, and other details that not only help you design the look but even enable you to make adjustments to the desired details.

The Power of Block Samples

The WordPress sample directory is home to a variety of block samples that can save you time and add core functionality to your site, and you can edit these block samples as needed. If you need to change a different header or footer for your current theme, it’s just a few clicks away.

With a full-screen view of the block template viewer, you can focus on the fine details and easily compare and select the desired block template from it.

Improved list view

The list view in version 5.9 lets you move blocks to the desired location by dragging and dropping block content. Managing complex files is made easier with simple controls that allow you to expand and collapse blocks as you build your site, and add HTML anchors to blocks that help users navigate the page.

A better use of the gallery block

Treat each image in the gallery block in the same way as you treat images in the image block.

In the gallery, each image is styled differently from the others (e.g. different cropping or two-tone) or made identical, or the layout can be changed by dragging and dropping.

WordPress 5.9 Developer Notes introduces block theme

A new way to build themes is to use blocks to define block themes for the entire site layout template, and custom styles in HTML and theme.json to define new templates and template components. For more information, see the block theme development instructions.

Block supports multiple styles

You can now register more than one style sheet per block, and apply this feature to share styles between blocks you have written yourself, or load styles for individual blocks and have them loaded only when the block is used. Learn more about using multiple styles in a single block.

Block-Hierarchy Locking

Starting with this version, you can lock any block in the block template by adding the lock attribute to the block.json settings, leaving the rest of the template free to adapt to the site content.

Reconfigured gallery block

The changes to the gallery block listed above are the result of a near-complete refactoring. Please be sure to read the gallery block compatibility development instructions before developing plugins or themes related to the gallery block functionality.