ToonMe–The camera software to realize your cartoon dream

ToonMe is a very popular Disney cartoon character style filter camera app. It supports the creation of various anime-style portraits, with built-in massive portrait templates, anime filters, special effects, etc. Upload pictures can quickly generate portrait animation portraits, support the generation of portraits with various effects, support AI intelligent drive algorithm, can generate hand-drawn portraits with one click, the operation is very simple, no auxiliary operations, upload pictures can quickly generate portraits, even if it is It can be used easily without any drawing skills, and there is no need for any professional operation. Through toonme, players can turn real-life photos into Disney cartoon character-style photos with one click. It is super cute, whether it is setting an avatar or using it. The mobile wallpaper is very eye-catching, and the operation is super simple and convenient.

toonme application content

[Comprehensive editing function]

With more than a thousand editing functions and constant updates, there are always new ways to play waiting for you. At the same time, various artistic photo filters + HDR + exquisite frame + exquisite background and other functions are beyond your imagination. For photo editing, just one copy is enough.


[Careful local adjustment]

Operate in accordance with the details, brushes, and erasers can adjust all tools locally, these details will produce unexpected beauty.

[New double exposure function]

Slow-motion + avatar effect, double exposure function can help you get it easily. Ice and fire, black and white, heaven and earth, two-dimensional and three-dimensional, as long as you want, you can merge into one without any trace.

[Any scene camera]

What? The scene is too common to find the desired effect? ​​The scene camera was created for this. Freely choose scenes + decorations + trending stickers, you can shoot blockbusters at will, ordinary or beautiful.

[Millions of stickers and sticker making tools]

As one of the global open-source photo communities, it has more than 3 million freely editable community stickers, including text + patterns + lighting effects, etc. You can use it as you like. With just a few simple steps, you can turn your selfies, illustrations, or pictures into your personalized endorsement stickers, and save them for access and editing anytime, anywhere, without worrying about not keeping up with the trend.

[Very creative picture stitching]

You can use millions of image templates at will, just a little bit of stitching and combination, there are many choices, and there is always your heart. Uploading more than 1,000 new materials every day, thousands of styles will bring you new creative inspiration.

toonme application highlights

1. Filter effect: simple and practical photo editing function. Texture brush painting has not only color but also texture

2. Beauty and beauty: create exquisite nude makeup, super-smart facial features, foundation, lip gloss, blush, nose highlight, eyebrow trimming, and hair coloring with one click.

3. Crazy cross-dressing: Sweet dreams? Deception! Hundreds of makeup changes are waiting for you.

4. Selfie camera: fast continuous shooting, super cute game.

5. Story puzzle: A large number of templates illustrate a good mood. The color wheel and mixer can match any color you want

6. Beautify pictures and videos as animation, shoot various animation filter effects in real-time, clear at a glance, and automatically restore so that your drawings will never be lost

7. Provide a variety of animation filters, increase the detailed adjustment function of setting various filters, text tools, which can be used to draw and delete text

8. The photos can be quickly converted into cartoon avatars so that users can feel a more interesting shooting experience at any time. The operation of the software is very simple

9. You can draw cartoon portraits at any time, allowing you to see different selves, which looks very interesting. There are many tools that allow you to easily make and draw your own cartoon portrait.

In general, this is a novel and interesting software. Moreover, it is rolling up a craze around the world, are you sure you want to miss it?


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