Tracker Detect–Apple’s detection tool for Android phones

Apple has launched a Tracker Detect app in the Google Play Store. This is a new Android app designed to help those who don’t have an iOS device find out if anyone is using AirTag or other Find My compatible devices to spy on their Location. When the software finds that a nearby AirTag is separated from its owner, it will mark it as “Unknown AirTag”.

The Tracker Detect application is currently only available in English, and its function is relatively simpler than that of the iPhone, but it can still allow Android phone users to search for the approximate location of AirTag, and it can also make AirTag make a sound after connecting to AirTag. This is the first time It takes 10 minutes to wait for the connection. Android phones with NFC function can also recognize the AirTag product serial number and the original AirTag user contact information through NFC.

Software features:

1. Scan the AirTag around you (need to turn on Bluetooth). Cannot see the AirTag name directly through the Bluetooth connection.

2. You can tap on the device with your NFC compatible phone, and you will get instructions on how to remove its battery or disable it in other ways.

3. Compatible with tracker accessories that support the “find” network, including AirTag and Chipolo ONE Spot Bluetooth anti-lost device.

4. Unlike the iOS version, the Android version of “Tracker Detect” cannot continuously scan in the background and immediately notify users when problems are found.

5. Only when Tracker Detect detects an unknown AirTag moving with the user for more than 10 minutes, AirTag will play a sound and find it.

Software highlights

Although Apple hopes that people will use AirTag to track backpacks, keys, bicycles, and other items, in fact, AirTag can not only retrieve lost items but may also become a cheap and convenient tracker. Initially, Apple designed the AirTag to play a sound after three days when it left the owner and the location moved, to remind people around, but later, this “three days” was changed to within 8 to 24 hours.

Tracker Detect is a very popular detection tool software. This software is relatively simple to operate on mobile phones. Users can promptly notify if there are any abnormalities. However, it has a lot of room for improvement!


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