TransferKit-unlimited free online storage, permanent storage, can not be deleted

TransferKit is an online service that provides free file transfer space services. The most special feature is that it uses Decentralized technology, which allows you to upload files like virtual currency technology. Back up in hosts all over the world, so that your uploaded files can be stored almost permanently on the Internet without worrying about the risk of being deleted.

TransferKit allows you to upload any file type by clicking and clicking without registering. The upload capacity of a single file is limited to 32 GB. After uploading, you can copy the link so that everyone who knows the link can access and access the download. The file will never become invalid, and there is no traffic restriction.

Due to TransferKit’s decentralized technology, all uploaded files cannot be deleted manually or through any method. Therefore, if you want to set a password after uploading, it will automatically delete after the expiration time.

TransferKit uses end-to-end encryption, so the security of the files is very high. However, due to decentralization, everyone who knows your file link can freely access and download the file, so it is recommended not to upload any sensitive data. If necessary, it is recommended to use ZIP compression and encryption, This will greatly improve the security of the file.

The files uploaded by TransferKit will be distributed in 7 different countries and regions, and they are also stored on multiple servers at the same time, so the chance of your files being deleted on the Internet is very small, which is why your files are almost permanent Being stored on the Internet, this is one of the concepts and applications of decentralization.

Since the current TransferKit’s current maximum file upload limit is 32 GB, if you want to upload a file larger than 32 GB, you can upload the file in batches. In future updates, TransferKit may update the upload size limit or even the limit on the number of uploads. Therefore, if there is a need to upload a large file now, it is recommended to upload it now.

Instructions for using TransferKit

Why is TransferKit free?

TransferKit runs on the blockchain technology maintained by Filecoin. Provide users with a free and 10 times good alternative to replace traditional file transfer applications that cost money.

Is TransferKit safe?

TransferKit uses end-to-end encryption, so data is always stored securely and safely. However, the only problem with decentralized storage (decentralized network) is that anyone can access your files as long as they have a link. Similarly, because files are stored on a decentralized network, no one can access the data except those with the link. If you do not save the link, you will not be able to retrieve your file, so saving the link is very important. It is recommended that you send an email to yourself directly from TransferKit, which is a good choice for saving the link. Just check the “I want to send files” option and send it to yourself!

Can I use TransferKit to send sensitive data?

It is recommended to use 7z/zip/rar package encryption before sending sensitive files/documents/images, etc. The more complex the password, the better.

How does TransferKit upload large files over 32G?

Use sub-packet compression to make a single file smaller than 32G.

What is the validity period of the TransferKit file?

The file will be stored forever! This is not a joke, and it is recommended not to upload any files you do not want.

How does TransferKit delete data? Or be deleted?

TransferKit files are stored in 7 different locations and on many servers at the same time, and the probability of files being deleted is less than 0.1%.

What file is suitable for transferring to TransferKit?

Personal files and private files are obviously not suitable, and their access speed is very average, which also determines that although videos can be uploaded, the viewing experience is very bad. Then there are some files that are not very important and not very personal but need to be backed up. In short, TransferKit is strange to use.

Although TransferKit is free online storage, its functions regardless of download speed, upload file size, and space capacity have surpassed most paid online storage. In fact, it can also be used as a permanent network disk. Although the file directory cannot be listed, a text file of TransferKit.txt can be created locally to record the uploaded file name and file link. This is equivalent to permanent storage.