Ulysses text editor gets an update, adds support for third-party fonts, hopes to revolutionize writing goals

If you enjoy writing on mobile devices, you probably know Ulysses. The very popular writing app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac recently got some updates, including the ability to choose third-party fonts from the Fonts app installed on iOS or iPadOS.

iPhone and iPad writing app Ulysses adds font support

For starters, Ulysses For iPhone and iPad now allows you to choose fonts installed on your system via third-party font apps, such as Adobe or iFont’s Creative Cloud. If you have an app installed on your device that allows you to add fonts in Settings → General → Fonts, Ulysses will allow you to use those fonts in documents you create on iPhone and iPad.

As for MAC, Ulysses for Mac supports fonts from the start, as font management on macOS is more user-friendly than on iOS and iPadOS. If you plan to use fonts in Ulysses, you can quickly change the text size in the Ulysses editor by pressing Command (⌘) +, Command (⌘) – and Command (⌘) 0 on an external keyboard.

A new look for the writing goals feature

Moreover, developers have streamlined several parts of the Ulysses user interface, which now adheres better to Apple’s design standards when it comes to iOS development. For instance, the library now has a fresh look on both the iPhone and iPad. Writing goals, another popular feature of Ulysses, has also received a visual revamp. Goals with only a little progress are now easier to recognize in the sheet list and the library.

The app’s share extension has received some love, too. It now works better and sports a refreshed look. On iOS, Ulysses finally lets you run your favorite Shortcuts actions directly from the share menu. Speaking of sharing, you can now also share Ulysses groups and sheets directly from within the app, either via the contextual menu or by using drag and drop. Other improvements in the Mac writing app include the ability to add Ulysses sheets to Quick Notes even when using the “On My Mac” section.

What’s your favorite writing app for Mac

Ulysses has long been the writing app of choice for writers of all kinds, be it Hollywood screenwriters or just casual bloggers. A versatile text editor, Ulysess especially appeals to just about anyone looking for a focused writing experience with effective document management and flexible export. German developers who built Ulysses are committed to supporting their user base with regular updates, extensive help resources, and a clear development roadmap.

about the price

Ulysses for iOS and iPadOS is available on the App Store. Ulysses for macOS is available on the Mac App Store, and the apps are free to download, but a subscription is required if you want to unlock premium features on all your devices.

Team Ulysses offers monthly and annual subscription plans. All plans unlock the writing app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac with full sync. For those asking, yes – your subscription comes with a fully functional trial version that lets you test this iPhone, iPad, and Mac writing app, including exporting and syncing. There are also special discounts for students.

They offer monthly and annual subscription plans, all of which unlock the writing app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and feature sync. If you haven’t decided to subscribe yet, that’s okay, they offer a fully functional trial version that includes exporting and syncing as well.


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