Universal Copy — powerful global copy tool

Universal Copy is a powerful global copy tool. In the process of using your phone, do you sometimes want to copy text from an application or image, but you can’t do it through Android’s default long-press operation? It’s time for Universal Copy to come out! It allows users in any application, just activate the universal copy mode, and then select the text to be copied! Universal copy allows you to copy text without long pressing. It is simple and practical. The software also has a very useful function. Due to the programming method of some applications, the software is still inaccessible and the copy cannot take effect. This is beyond our control. Therefore, the normal mode does not work in some applications. But you can use the OCR mode of the software, and you can even copy text from images or any application in normal mode (currently only supports Latin characters) blocked by the developer, which is simple, convenient, and fast. This technology allows us to analyze the screen as an image and convert it to text, thereby easily recognizing text. Please rest assured that your data is only stored on your device and nothing will be transmitted over the network.

In fact, this requirement also exists on Windows. For example, some software interfaces need to copy text, but copying is not natively supported.

Universal Copy solves this problem perfectly. Its principle should be to take a screenshot and then recognize text through OCR. Existing OCR technology, as long as it is not a handwritten font, the recognition rate is very good.

Software features

1. Support copying text from any application software.
2. You can use OCR mode. OCR mode allows you to copy text from applications that cannot be copied by ordinary long-pressing.
3. With multiple triggering methods, you can always find the one that suits you.
4. Activate the global copy mode and select the text you want to copy, it’s that simple!
5. You can copy text without long pressing, simple and practical!
6. Data security: Your data is only kept on your device, and no content will be transmitted over the network.

Software function

1. Using global copy, you can copy the text in any application that does not allow copying, and you can also extract text from pictures or documents.
2. Activate global copy in the settings to copy text from any application.
3. Start copy mode: When you want to copy some text in any application, just start the global copy mode from the notification bar.
4. Select and copy: Select the content to be copied, and then click “Copy” to complete it easily!
5. Scan mode: Through scan mode, a global copy can even detect text in pictures and documents.


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