VivaCut–Professional video video editing

VivaCut is a professional video editing software that can help you edit videos in various formats. It has advanced functions such as multi-layer editing, green screen cutout, keyframe animation, and music stuck video. Cut, synthesize, and split your video, and edit your video to the effect you need. You can also add filters, text, music, stickers, and other materials to your video. Whether you want to make a Hollywood blockbuster movie or just share memories with your family, VivaCut is your best choice for creating short video stories.

Software function

1. Trim and cut video: split, crop, cut, professional tools developed for precise editing

2. Video synthesis and splicing: use video splicing to form the best story

3. Picture-in-picture: multi-layer collage, superimposed video, make the coolest blockbuster

4. Double exposure: use a variety of blending modes, such as color deepening, multiplying, screen, soft light, strong light, etc., custom layers

5. Variable speed: fast and slow speed adjustment, accurate to 0.2x-4x

6. Photo MV: Choose a picture and select a soundtrack to create a photo MV

7. Custom video resolution: export video with 720p or 1080p high-definition image quality

8. Rename project: Name the video draft, super convenient classification management

9. One-click sharing to Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Messenger, Google +, Vine, Live Story, Line, VK, VE, Kik, Vide, Vimeo, etc.

Software highlights

1. Ultra-precise video editing

The powerful editing function allows you to cut accurately to 0.1S, editing, and splicing, more intimate

2. Film-level post-dubbing

The sound quality is clear, smooth, and not stuck, perfectly presenting film-level post-dubbing

3. Add flexible and worry-free subtitles

Funny emoticons, subtitles, commentary, and text to make your video more interesting

4. Customize the cover as you like

Add a more attractive cover to your video, so your video exposure will soar

VivaCut is a lot of video editing software that is highly recommended by many Android users. There are all the video editing functions you need, and the operation is easier.


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