Weather Live°–the most beautiful weather application

Weather Live° is a very beautifully made mobile weather application. If you want to view the current weather changes in real-time, users can know at any time after the software locks the city, whether it is sunny, cloudy, rainy or even floating outside. Both snow and real-time weather will present the weather conditions of your city and multiple locations around the world with stunning animations.


Conveniently and quickly check the weather around you and around the world.

Rely on accurate weather forecasts to adjust your schedule to suit the weather in the future. You don’t even have to look out the window, because the app will make you feel like you are outside!

Sometimes, the weather is difficult to predict. No matter where you are, with this accurate weather app, you can find detailed forecasts for any time of the day or the next 7 days by simply tapping on the icon.


1. Time understanding, users can check the current time situation in the software all the time, and they can use it at any time if they forget to bring the watch when they go out.

2. Fast positioning, with the most accurate GPS to lock the current position, users can also understand weather changes through detailed data transmitted by satellites.

3. The weather in the future, you can also know the changes in the future weather in advance, and you can make arrangements immediately whether you are on a business trip or on a trip.

4. Emergency broadcast. If there is any bad weather, users will be notified by sending a message, allowing you to better view the detailed content.

Extremely detailed weather information:

7-day weather forecast

Today’s highest and lowest temperature

Wind direction and speed

Humidity and precipitation information

Air pressure and visibility details

Fahrenheit/Celsius unit and mile/km unit

12 or 24-hour time format


Weather Live° is really a great app! Very accurate and easy to understand. It has everything I need to go out or travel.


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