What about Apple iOS 16? Let’s take a look at the first batch of experiences

The much-talked about Apple WWDC22 Developer Conference has come to a perfect end. On the WWDC22, the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are eye-catching enough, but for most Apple users, the most attractive is undoubtedly iOS16. Many users have tried iOS16 for the first time, let’s see how they feel:


1: New lock screen experience

At the WWDC22 conference, I thought that Apple would spend more time on some applications for iOS16, but I did not expect to spend more than ten or twenty minutes to explain the new lock screen interface of iOS16. Apple officially said: The lock screen interface of iOS16 is inspired by the early Apple Watch’s watch face layout style. But in fact, the widgets on the main page, the time font, and the pop-up message settings are very close to Android.

Users can add Widget widgets to the lock screen according to their preferences, such as calendar, weather, battery level, etc. Notifications are now displayed at the bottom of the screen instead, and if there is an instant message, it will be displayed directly in the screen lock screen in a dynamic way like Android.

It is worth mentioning that this time on iOS16, the focus mode can now be used with the lock screen screen, the different lock screen screens designed by the user can be matched with different focus modes, if the user quickly switches to a different lock screen interface, it can also quickly switch to a different focus mode.

This design allows users to design the lock screen according to their own preferences, relatively free customization, different users of the iPhone lock screen will look very different, Apple will once again show the “personalization”.


2: Achieve horizontal face unlocking

Many users will feel that FaceID face unlock is not humane enough, especially when lying in bed, often need to hold an iPhone in one hand and tilt your head to unlock. Or you have to sit up and unlock the vertical screen before you continue to lie down. The newly updated iOS16 supports iPhone landscape screen unlocking, and users can also unlock FaceID while lying on their sides on the bed or sofa.

However, at present, only the iPhone 13 series is allowed, and other iPhone models may need to wait until the official version of the iOS16 system is pushed.

3: Live text now supports video content recognition and exchange rate conversion

Previously, the text recognition function in Apple’s iOS15 could only recognize the text in the picture, and the application scenario was limited, and it may not be available in many places where it is needed. The latest iOS16 content recognition function expands support to the recognition of the content text of the video, as long as you press the pause button when watching the video, you can directly select the text on the video for recognition.

And this update also has an interesting feature. This time Apple’s content recognition function also supports exchange rate conversion, that is to say, as long as there are relevant currency units in pictures and videos, users can directly convert the exchange rate after selecting it.


4: One-click automatic keying

After iOS16, there is a very useful function, that is, the function of “one-click automatic keying” is added to the image query. In the album, as long as the user presses and holds the main body in the picture, the system can quickly outline the main body in one second, press “Copy” and “Paste”, that is, you can generate a subject picture with the background removed and share it to other APPS.

This feature is especially great for some late-stage users, no need to open other applications little by little keying. For users with relatively high photo requirements, it is also more practical. Keying, one-click line. However, it should be noted that this function can only be used in those photos where the subject is obvious, and if there are too many objects in the picture and too cluttered, the iPhone still cannot be recognized.


5: Albums support hidden, recently deleted photos can also be encrypted

iOS has always had a huge advantage in privacy protection, and what is Apple’s biggest advantage is security.

In this update of iOS16, Apple has once again strengthened the protection of mobile phone privacy. In the system before iOS16, after deleting the photos, we can also go directly to the Recycle Bin to view or restore. However, in iOS16, users cannot enter the Recycle Bin at will, and when users want to enter the Recycle Bin, they must use the owner’s FaceID to view the relevant pictures.

Photos can also be hidden in the album, and hidden photos must be unlocked by the owner’s FaceID if they need to be viewed.

In general, the update range of iOS16 is really not too big, but the most attractive thing is to customize the lock screen, landscape unlock and hide photos, which greatly improves the user’s experience, but the rest of the functions are not very useful.


1: The phone heat is obvious

Abnormal fever, as the biggest side effect of the beta version, is indeed a stumbling block that hinders users from trying early. Watching video fever, taking pictures of heat, charging fever, this long-term high temperature state of operation, is the most harmful to the battery.

During the heat period, the phone also automatically locks the brightness. Users manually adjust the most suitable brightness according to the environment and their own needs, but find that the brightness has not changed. Therefore, even if the glare mode is turned on, under the fierce outdoor sunlight, the mobile phone screen is still dark, the brightness is maintained at medium brightness, and the screen cannot be seen clearly.

2: Abnormal increase in power consumption

Based on the heat situation, there is a user reaction, iOS16 battery life is much worse than iOS15. A fully charged iPhone 13Pro changed from full power to “low battery mode” after 4 hours of normal use (only less than 20% of the power remained).

In addition, many users also found that in the “settings – battery health” of their Apple mobile phones, they can see that the power health has changed from 100% to 97%, which may make some users unhappy.


3: Screen recording black screen

Regarding screen recording, some users have feedback that after iOS16 click to start recording screen, clicking to end recording several times will pop up several “stop recording” prompts. At the same time, a black screen will also appear during the recording of video. The sense of user experience is greatly reduced, and it takes some time to get back to the normal interface.


The new iOS16 system redesigns the iPhone’s lock screen, with a personalization that is particularly similar to the Apple Watch’s dial interface, and the overall visual look and feel is completely new. At the same time, the iOS16 system has also optimized and strengthened the “Information”, “Search” interface, “Fitness-” App, children’s account, family sharing gallery, live text function, etc.

But if you only have one iPhone workhorse, iOS16 currently has more flaws than advantages, and now it is best not to actively upgrade the iOS16 beta, otherwise, it will be more than worth the loss. The current beta version is only for the experience with developers and some digital technology pioneers to do the evaluation, if the average user wants to update or wait until the official version after the optimization is out to update, then the sense of experience will be stronger.