What are the 5 most expensive electric cars you can buy?

Electric cars have a reputation for being more expensive than their gasoline-powered counterparts. This is a fair assessment at the moment, but eventually, the price of electric vehicles will come down.

In any case, some electric cars are ridiculously expensive and super-capable. Some of the best vehicles currently on sale are electric, especially at the price extremes. Electric cars exist in different categories, from supercars to luxury cars.

1. Rimac Nevera: $2,400,000


If you think the super-fast Tesla Model S Plaid is the fastest electric car on sale, then think again. The Rimac Nevera is an electrified supercar with four electric motors and more than 1,900 horsepower.

The Rimac will also burst out 0-60 mph in less than two seconds, 1.85 seconds to be exact. All this crazy performance doesn’t come cheap, especially with an all-carbon chassis. With cutting-edge technology and all the power in the world, the asking price of $2.4 million is almost reasonable.

If you really need to know about a car that is worth more than a regular house, you can compare it to another extremely expensive car. Bugatti Chiron will be beaten by Rimac Nevera on most acceleration metrics, while Bugatti will only surpass Rimac at the high end. However, Bugatti’s price exceeded $3 million. Essentially, the Rimac can be seen as a bargain.

2. Lucid Air Sapphire: $249,000


The rare Lucid Air Sapphire will start at $249,000. That’s definitely a huge sum for a vehicle based on the Air sedan, which starts at $87,400. The sapphire version of the Lucid Air is the Tesla Model S equivalent of a lattice car.

However, the price difference in sapphire cases is staggering. Whether it’s worth looking at personal preferences. If you need the fastest sedan on the road, at least until Tesla gives an answer, you should wait in line for the launch of the Sapphire.

The whole point of this car is to beat the Model S Plaid, and according to data Lucid posted on its website, Sapphire will absolutely beat most of the Played’s metrics.

Zero to 60 mph in less than two seconds. Zero to 100 mph in less than four seconds. The standing quarter mile in less than nine seconds. And over 200 mph.

The numbers are tailored to beat Tesla in their own game, so the world eagerly awaits the first showdown between the two electric giants. Tesla will have a price advantage, though, and Lucid’s huge asking price may be insurmountable.

In some cases, such as supercars, price is a bragging point. However, in the relatively mundane world of electric cars, Lucid is overpriced.

3. Porsche Taycan Turbo S: $187,400


Porsche’s Taycan Turbo S is the current record holder for electric vehicles routinely produced on the Nürburgring. Obviously, the Taycan is a serious sports car, and this single attention is also evident in some omissions in the car.

The glaring weakness of Porsche’s Model S competitor is the mediocre range, especially for a car so expensive. Its starting price of $187,400 is difficult to justify compared to the Model S Plaid.

That’s even crazier than the base price of the Lucid Air Sapphire, because at least Lucid should be faster than Plaid. The Taycan’s performance doesn’t outperform the Model S Plaid, unless you’re driving the track, and even then, it’s not exactly a huge difference. Maybe the “Porsche feeling” is worth the price you end up paying more than Tesla.

However, for smart buyers, the Model S plaid is a great value for money compared to the overpriced Porsche. Even the appearance is disappointing compared to the price. In front of people, the Model S Plaid looks wide and imposing.

The Taycan, meanwhile, looks like a refurbished Porsche Panamera. Unfortunately, I’m convinced that this wasn’t Porsche’s original intention for the ultimate electric car. Hopefully, the next generation of the Taycan will improve on its shortcomings, because for now, it only outperforms the Plaid in terms of price.

4. Mercedes AMG EQS Sedan: $147,500


Mercedes makes one of the most expensive electric cars you can buy. It’s also one of the most boring cars on sale, whether it’s an electric car or not. Even under AMG specs, the EQS looks like a huge third-generation Toyota Prius.

Still, its interior is very beautiful, probably the best in a modern car. The ambient lighting is top-notch, and the dashboard is completely filled with screens from side to side. It’s also one of the coolest cabs when the lights go out, and the amazing ambient lighting makes the interior look Genesis-inspired.

However, if you pay so much money, the appearance should also show some flair. Sadly, it’s as bland as you can get. However, the EQS is very powerful, it has 649 horsepower (751 horsepower after supercharging).

This facilitates running from 0 to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds. I’m sure Mercedes will say that they don’t compete with the Model S because the EQS represents the pinnacle of luxury.

In my opinion, that’s a lazy statement, and so is the car’s 277-mile range. Why are the vehicles offered by the German automaker slower than the Model S Plaid, smaller in range, and priced higher than the Plaid? From the perspective of the money you get, it’s hard to justify this pricing scheme.

5. The Model S Plaid: $135,990


It’s hard to say that a nearly $150,000 car is a bargain, but in terms of the performance you get, the Plaid is definitely a good thing. If destroying all challengers from 0-60 mph is your hobby, then the Model S Plaid is for you.

This car will obliterate any competition from a stop; it doesn’t matter if the other car is an exotic Italian supercar or a multimillion-dollar Bugatti. A performance like this is why the Model S Plaid is such a bargain; you’re essentially getting the fastest car in the world, plus room for your friends and their stuff.

Basically, the Model S Plaid is faster than the Taycan on most metrics, looks better, has almost twice the range, and is less expensive.

All in all, Plaid is a real bargain. Tesla has kicked off a performance revolution with the Model S Plaid. It’s hard to imagine how supercar manufacturers will outperform electric cars once they start producing them.

And Lotus Evija!

Ultra-expensive electric cars aren’t common at the moment, but the automotive world will soon be filled with all-electric supercars and supercars. This is when EV prices really start to get ridiculously high.

In addition, one super-expensive electric car is missing from this list: the Lotus Evija. The Evija is set for release in 2023, and for now, it looks set to price even more than the top-ranked Rimac Nevera.