What is Shudder and does it have what you want?

We’ve come a long way since Netflix started offering its first streaming services in 2007. That’s when you have to settle down and look at whatever is on offer, even if it doesn’t exactly fit your taste. Since Netflix wants to appeal to everyone, the options they offer are fairly common.

Today, there is a whole new world of streaming outside. There are services specifically for people who like foreign movies, people who like classics, or viewers who want to follow LGBTQ content. Shudder is one of these specialized platforms that caters to horror lovers.

What Is Shudder?


So we already know that Shudder is a horror streaming service. Like other popular platforms, you have to sign up for a monthly (or annual) subscription to access its content. Once you’ve done that, you can explore a vast library of horror movies, TV shows, and even live channels.

Although this platform is specifically aimed at horror films, there are still many sub-genres that allow you to invest in and come back to see more content. These include the supernatural, psychological thrillers, documentaries, and even comedies.

In addition to his curated library of films and programming, Shudder also acts as a production company. It offers original movies and even podcasts. The platform even has three live channels running around the clock for those who miss the old-fashioned TV viewing experience.

Where Is Shudder Available?


Since Shudder is a fairly niche service, it is not available worldwide. Currently, it is only accessible to people in the United States (and its territories), Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

When it comes to devices where you can watch Shudder, it’s pretty much comprehensive. The service can be used through any browser, Android, iOS, Xbox, Fire TV, Roku, or even a new model of a Samsung TV.

How Much Does Shudder Cost?

To get access to Shudder, you’ll need to shell out $4.45/month if you choose the yearly subscription ($56.99/year). If you want the option to cancel your Shudder subscription quickly, you can choose a monthly subscription for $5.99.

You don’t need to commit right away, though. The platform offers a 7-day trial period during which you can discover if the service is worth your money.

Familiarize yourself with Shudder’s interface


For those who are used to Netflix, Shudder will feel quite intuitive because it has several features in common. Even if you don’t use any other streaming platform, Shudder is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

First, there’s the home screen. At the top, there are featured films, most of which are original works by Shudder. Here are the “New Movies”, “My List”, “Worth Watching” and other categories. The more movies you watch or add to your list, the more the platform learns about your preferences and changes the home screen recommendations accordingly.

When you hover over a title, you can add it to your list to see later, or press Play. When you press the play button, the movie doesn’t start right away. Instead, you’ll be retweeted to the movie/TV show page, where you can read the summary, watch the trailer, read user reviews, and view user ratings. If you want to rate a movie, the only way to do that is to write a review.


Go to other parts of the website and you can navigate to movies, series, or Shudder TV via the menu at the top. The Movies page is the most comprehensive, offering all the different subtypes that we mentioned earlier.

The Series page offers TV shows and podcasts, but the options are more limited. You can play it on one of the three live horror channels in the Shudder TV section. You can also view your full list, or use the search bar to look for something more specific.

Is Shudder Worth It?

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the pros and cons of this platform.

Available content


Shudder currently offers more than 500 titles, which is considerable for such a niche-focused platform. If you add Shudder’s live TV channels, there’s even more to offer. It can take months or even years to watch it all, and movies and shows are added every month.

When you compare Shudder and Screambox, Shudder comes out on top because of its content. And while Netflix offers great horror titles as well as other streaming platforms, there is no competition when it comes to Shudder.

Selection of Titles

As you can probably tell, if you’re not a horror buff, Shudder is not for you. It is also not a good platform for people who are just starting to get into horror. For instance, all-time favorites like Carrie, the Scream franchise, and Psycho, and current-day classics like Midsommer and Get Out are not a part of the library at the time of writing these lines.

However, movies like The Babadook, Halloween 4, and Hellraiser are included. So the library is a bit of a hit-and-miss when it comes to big titles. It’s not a perfect solution for people who want to check off a list of the greatest horror films.

However, this platform could be perfect for those who completely love horror movies. Because it has a range of films, from indie films to less familiar foreign films, there’s always something to dig into, especially Shudder’s original content.

Interface Usability and Accessibility

When it comes to accessibility, Shudder is a bit lacking. You can enable closed subtitles on Shudder, but they only work for specific movies, and subtitles are only available in English, so if you find them distracting, there’s no option to delete them.

Video players are also not the most convenient. There is no option to change the video quality or even scroll forward and backward with the keyboard. When the movie is finished, it also doesn’t play automatically.

That being said, the interface is still very easy to navigate. There are also plenty of options for you to discover new movies and shows through favorite tabs and home screens.

Explore all that horror has to offer

All in all, when it comes to horror genres, Shudder is a great option. If you’re a true fanatic, it’s worth making a small monthly investment. There’s exclusive content in both TV shows and movies, and you’ll always find something new to watch, or even listen to(podcast) content.

Although the interface is not perfect, it is intuitive and easy enough to understand. It shows the different movies with eye-catching pictures, while the comments section adds another way to help you pick the most interesting things to watch.