Windows 11 Build 22572 Released: Enhanced Search Introduces new video clip software

A member of the Windows Insider project for the Dev channel, Microsoft today launched Windows 11 Build 22572. In this latest preview, the file manager has been mainly optimized, a new Sandbox icon has been introduced, and a new feature called “Search highlights” has been announced.

Windows 11 Build 22572 changelog

Microsoft Family is now a pre-installed app

Several of the Family Safety features used on the web and mobile are now available on Windows 11 systems, and Microsoft Family will be consolidated by default starting with that release. The app allows you to set up parental controls to filter out inappropriate applications and games, and restrict them in Microsoft Edge, allowing children to access child-friendly websites.

The app also helps kids balance their screen time activities on Windows, Xbox, and Android, and uses activity reports to better understand your family’s digital activity. Even when you’re separated, you can stay in touch with family location tracking.

Microsoft Family app for Windows 11. The Microsoft Family app will only be built-in on Windows 11 Home and will be updated through the Microsoft Store. Windows Insiders with Windows 11 Pro can go to settings > account > family and download the Microsoft Family app from the Store.


Clipchamp is Microsoft’s new video editor focused on making video creation simple, fast, and fun. Clipchamp comes with all the basic tools you’d expect, like trimming and splitting, and more professional-style features like transitions and animated text. In order to capture content in real-time, a webcam and screen recorder are also built-in.

But what really sets Clipchamp apart from other video editors is its timeline feature. Usually, this is an interface reserved for professionals because it provides control (and complexity) beyond what everyday editors can handle. However, when it comes to Clipchamp, the situation is happily different. We’ve preserved all the benefits of timeline editing—flexibility, the ability to fine-tune details—and eliminated the rest. The result is a refreshingly simple video editing experience for anyone.

The highlight doesn’t stop there – in Clipchamp, users will find more unique products, such as a library filled with more than 1 million royalty-free videos, audio tracks, and images that can be added to videos. There’s even an Azure-powered text-to-speech generator capable of creating voiceovers in over 70 languages. Speaking of Microsoft’s integration, Clipchamp also connects with OneDrive, which means you can import files and save videos quickly and securely.

Search Highlights – coming soon

Starting early next week, Microsoft will begin upgrading search in Windows 11 to highlight interesting content. Search is right on your taskbar – your window can discover trends online, in the world, and in your organization. Of course, you can still type a quick answer to start searching your apps, files, settings, and network.

● The search box in Start and Search is updated regularly, including interesting illustrations to help you discover more, stay connected, and stay productive. These tips in the search box let you know what’s on the search homepage in advance.

● Search highlights will present notable and interesting moments, such as festivals, anniversaries, and other educational points in time around the world and in your region. You’ll find rich, bold content on the search front page that highlights what’s special today.

● Search on the taskbar shows the updated experience for Earth Day. Include related content and illustrations in the search box, as well as content related to Earth Day on the search homepage.

To dig deeper, you can explore extra content related to today’s moments and daily content on the search homepage, such as The Word of the Day, Microsoft Rewards offers trend searches and more. Each day there’s something different to learn from the left side of the search home page that also shows an expanded list of apps, files, settings, and websites you’ve recently launched to help you get back to what you did last.

Sign in with your work or school account and make Search a one-stop shop for your organization’s files and contacts through Microsoft Search. Search highlights will show your organization’s latest updates and suggestions for people, files, and more. Explore files that might be of interest to you, or browse your organization’s People table. As usual, just start typing to find everything relevant to your organization and use search at your fingertips.