Windows 9 may be implicit in Windows 11

As we all know, Windows 9 has never appeared in public, Microsoft released Windows 10 directly after Windows 8.1, and now the system version of Windows has come to Windows 11. However, some people have found that in the latest generation of Windows systems, that is, Windows 11, there is actually information about Win9 hidden. From this point of view, Windows 9 was once established within Microsoft, but somehow it did not become an official product.

It is understood that some users have posted a screenshot on Twitter, saying that this string of comments related to Windows 9 can be found in both Windows 10 and Windows 11. Twitter user Xeno showed off the Easter egg, saying that from Windows 10 build 9860 to the latest Windows Insider Dev Build (22567), this Windows 9 string can be observed. In addition to Windows 9, Windows 8.1’s code name Windows Blue also appeared.

We know that although Windows 9 did not appear, its existence is not a very inconceivable thing. When Microsoft decides on a different strategy, merging Windows projects is a common practice. Therefore, Windows 9 is not a particularly noteworthy thing, and Windows 9 is not a big trick hidden by Microsoft, which can serve as a reference in Microsoft’s successful release of operating systems. But unearthing the clues of Windows 9 is still interesting trivia, like when you suddenly discover that there was once a certain country on Earth.

It is understood that Microsoft seems to have a plan for Windows 12. Windows 9 is a thing of the past, and Microsoft once vowed that Windows 10 was the last Windows system. But now we all know that not only ushered in Windows 11, but even some media said that even Windows 12 seems to have eyebrows. What will the future of Windows look like? Will they continue to hide the historical traces of Windows 9? Let’s wait for the mystery to be revealed.