X-plore–the best file manager

X-plore is the best file manager on the Symbian platform. Now it’s moved to the Android platform. The interface remains the same. It uses a completely different file management method, which is different from the general file display mode. It displays files. Arranged in the form of panes, it is very similar to the well-known file management program on the computer.

The biggest feature of X-plore is that it supports many file types, such as regular audio files such as mp3 and WMA, image files such as Jpg, gif, and video files in mp4 formats. X-plore can play and view smoothly. . In addition, it even supports the Docx document format of word 2007 very well, and the function is very powerful.


1. Browse the phone’s disks/folders/files as a tree
2. Integrated text and image browser
3. View file details
4. Edit file attributes (hidden, read-only, etc.)
5. Rename and delete files
6. Create or edit text files
7. Create a folder
8. Multi-select operation
9. Copy or move files and folders
10. Send files via Bluetooth or infrared
11. Extract files from ZIP, RAR, JAR archives
12. The packaged file is a ZIP file
13. Browse Word documents
14. View hardware device information
15. View processes and tasks
16. Browse and save files in the information folder
17. Hexadecimal browser and editor
18. Search for files
19. Folder hotkey
20. Built-in audio and video player

X-plore has become my favorite file manager. Except for small things like rare crashes, slow-moving files, etc., there is not much that this app cannot do. However, this situation does not happen often, and the powerful features of this application can beat 99% of other file managers.


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